School of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

There are 14 teachers in the School of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, including 3 professors, 4 associate professors, 13 with doctoral degrees, 2 provincial backbone teachers, 8 school level backbone teachers and 8 master supervisors. It has mathematics and applied mathematics, which is a first-class construction major at the school level and a comprehensive reform pilot major at the school level.

The School pays attention to the leading role of discipline leaders, actively participates in academic exchanges at home and abroad, constantly condenses the discipline research direction, continuously strengthens the construction of academic team, forms preliminary advantages and characteristics in the aspects of partial differential equations and mathematical physics, solitons and integrable systems, medical image processing and artificial intelligence, and has achieved a number of excellent scientific research achievements.

For a long time, we have attached great importance to the cultivation of talents, especially the learning of basic knowledge and the cultivation of innovation ability. We have gradually formed a unique student training mode. Students have achieved excellent results in large-scale professional events such as Chinese Mathematics Competitions, Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling and the American College Students' MCM/ICM.